Don't buy the hype. A disappointing shooter with the touted link to EVE Online just a marketing gimmick.

User Rating: 1 | Dust 514 PS3
A bad shooter with generic science fiction art design. The quality of the graphics is last generation and there are significant issues with laggy controls and poor hit detection. The hyped up planetary conquest link to EVE Online is also very buggy with lagging, disconnects or crashes. Add in a skill system that is unbalanced and it rapidly becomes apparent this was just a "me too" FPS done by CCP trying to jump on the FPS bandwagon. The pay to win monetization system means unless new players are masochists that enjoy getting beat up, you are almost forced to spend money in order to remain competitive. It is pretty blatant cash squeezing. Given how poor the core gameplay is, it is amazing they believe they can ask for such additional cash.

The game at its core is all hype and no substance as is the case with all of CCP's games. Look beyond the trailers and movies.