Persistent, a bit serious, a future merc sim and a land grab conquest game.

User Rating: 8 | Dust 514 PS3
Well, Dust 514 is a muliplayer online only futuristic FPS immortal mercenary simulator. Its a fun but serious game sometimes, you fight for cash, exp/skill points and lands that your guild/corporation gets to own by conquest.
Weapons are varied, role specific and futuristic serious looking if not cool. (plasma, laser, railgun, etc.) You get to use tanks, light vehicles, dropships, gunships(soon). There are installations, turrets, resupply bays and other various destructible structures. Also there is orbital bombardment/strike support available in certain conditions. Its linked with Eve Online for fire support and even maybe (soon to be) cash/economy/politics/grand empires rise and fall.
Your gear/dropsuit is fully customizable, with different enhancement add-ons to boost various things. Tanks and vehicles are fully customizable as well, but are not cheap.

Almost everything good costs quite a bit of cash earned through gameplay, so in essence if you die less and kill a lot, you can afford the best gear and accessories. Though the base cheap stuff is good enough too if youre skilled with them, ingame skilled/leveled up and real gameplay skilled.
All in all its a persistent game that can get you drawn in, even a bit addicted too. Its a medium to fast speed shooter like Battlefield 3, but you get to set your own move/kill speed and life/hp/shields or more damage or stealth gear outfit combos.
Its Free To Play for all who own a PS3, even with a no-access to the PS Store account and its a freemium. Micro transactions and macro transactions too, get you Aurum to buy similar but cosmetic different items to those bought with ISK or gameplay reward cash. Exp gain boosters and cosmetic different items/gear/tanks etc. consumable or permanent, is all you can get for Aurum, for now.
Its not a pay to win game though, the ISK stuff is just as effective as the Aurum stuff. The Aurum stuff just looks different, maybe cooler a bit and it takes one less character ingame skill level to use than the ISK stuff. "Aurum, allows you to do more, faster!" as they say.

Closing comments:

Since its a Free to Play FPS for anyone with a PS3, I recommend you give it a try. You might like it and its quite different from other shooter franchises like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Well, different enough...