A purely competitive game where you are also fighting against the game's unbalance and developer's bugs.

User Rating: 3 | Dust 514 PS3
The game's idea is wonderful. A deep scifi FPS linked to EVE Online. That is about where it ends, in terms of the positivity. For a person new to the game, you will simply get pulverized because you are new. And it is a long completely void of enjoyment climb to get to the point where you are not getting beat down. The skill system is an unbalanced mess. Tanks that take boat loads of priceless SP and ISK go down regularly to free jeeps and advanced grenades that take no SP to equip. Anyone that uses keyboard and mouse on the ps3 also has a noticeable advantage. Not to mention, disconnections are a regular occurrence.

Another important piece of information is the game is purely pay to win. Any weapon, equipment, or vehicle you buy with cash is a level up (there are only 3: basic, advanced, prototype) on anything bought with in game currency at the same SP. So an advanced rifle bought with cash will equate to a prototype rifle, while a normal advanced will be.... advanced. Which really makes all the difference, and not your skill level

My final verdict came from most important battles (Planetary Conquest) being the buggiest with players dc'ing, lagging, and being completely frozen.