Boring And bad

User Rating: 1 | Dust 514 PS3
This game is amazing its lag free and its shooting mechanics are great. just kidding this game is awful because it is laggy and the shooting and movement are vey clunky. Not only that it is hard for new players and casuals to enjoy because they will go like 1-11 because of gear disadvantage. Also I never has seen a game pay to win as much as this. This game may be free but its a trick they make it so grindy its like almost impossible to not spend any money unless you wanna become a no life kid. This game provided me one thing that was enjoyable and it was the inertia dampener and even though that was fun it still had its problem when landing it took the game forever to load the ground textures. Overall this game was poorly made and I believe CCP made this game to make quick cash for their MMO Eve: Online.

the pros: inertia dampener

the cons: everything is broken and it is very lousy