Updating game client? Yes, most certainly!

User Rating: 1 | Dust 514 PS3
The game is more of a movie staring an orange bar that grows, then shrinks, then grows again and so on. There is absolutely no interactivity and falsely claims to be a shooter. You can play this game without even touching your controller.

So the game starts out saying Updating game client (0%) - 0.0 B/s. Then it goes on to say Updating game client (7.88%) - 500.2 KiB/s.

Eventually you find yourself reading Updating game client (12.74%) - 333.4 KiB/s.

The most exciting part is when it says Updating game client (17.40%) - 375.0 KiB/s.

Not sure I really agreed with the publishers' decision to have the game say Updating game client (23.18%) - 400.3 KiB/s but it is better then their decision to have it say Updating game client (28.14%) - 666.7 KiB/s.

Personally I found the part where it said Updating game client (31.94%) - 15.0 MiB/s a bit overdone and unnecessary.

The most boring part of the game is when it says, Updating game client (7.26%) - 995.0 KiB/s, it somehow seemed repetitive and poorly executed.

By the time the game goes back to saying Updating game client (0%) - 0.0 B/s, the game has lost all value.