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At Tritan Industries, our mission is to provide the best in planetary management services. To accomplish our mission, Tritan Industries is made up of specialists from all walks of life that can shoot, communicate, and move. We don't want mindless drones. We recruit motivated and dedicated personalities. Tritan Industries is in the business of making money. We operate under a business model, not a military model. We understand the frustration of dealing with overbearing and/or under-qualified "leaders". That's why we run our business based on hard work done at the operational level. There is no hierarchy based on friendship. Tritan's Recruits and Specialists are promoted based on experience. Our operators make our success possible, and our success is your success. We encourage you to be active in operations regardless of your role in Tritan Industries. If you have a "desk job", you will be needed in an operational role as well. OPPORTUNITIES: If you can shoot, communicate and move effectively, we want you! There are also openings for our administrative departments. If you want to play an integral role in making Tritan a top-notch corporation, we want you! DESCRIPTION: All new hires will have to qualify with an experienced trainer who will provide you with all that you need to succeed. Executive members will have secondary duties and responsibilities that allow Tritan to function at its peak, but should not hamper tactical operations. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Qualification means deployment should occur often and as a top priority. Other duties and responsibilities within the organization are second priority, if a member has them. All members should be able to follow the facets of SCAM, (Shoot, Communicate, and Move). Being able to eliminate the opposition is the primary focus of each member. Communication is key regarding all operations, big or small. Being able to deploy anywhere, at anytime is what makes Tritan Planetary Corporation a formidable corporation. We encourage all members to be socially casual with each other (no yessirs here!), but we also encourage you to "play your role to others outside the corporation. TIME COMMITMENT: Must be considered an "active member by reasonable standards. We all have lives, and you know what being considered an "active member looks like. Activity levels will be audited. CONTACT INFORMATION: If being part of Tritan Industries interests join us on our website or email us at