Looking for a mature group to join?

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HoldSquare Reaper Dynamics is the official Dust 514 Corporation for HoldSquare Reapers Gaming Community. HoldSquare Reapers Gaming (formerly PS3 Reapers Gaming) is an adult gaming community that has been around for 3+ years, focused on respect, communication, and fun. We are almost exclusively a PS3 gaming community that has members from all over the world. Besides the aforementioned focuses, we also require that all Reapers be over 21 and that have a working mic. Our community contains people from all walks of life. Gamers with families, gamers in and out of the military, single gamers, male and females! And we don't just play Dust 514. The Reapers were initially forged from the blood, sweat, and bullets of Borderlands. What started as a thread on the Gearbox forums evolved into a gaming community that plays a multitude of games now. In addition to Dust 514, some of our most popular games at the moment are DCUO (our league spans both sides), Borderlands 2, Assassin's Creed, and Battlefield 3. Each of these games have dedicated Team Leaders that help organize events and make sure that our Reapers are having fun! Dust 514 is no different. We have dedicated Team Leaders (and room for more!) that make our Corporation run extremely well. They make sure that no Merc is left behind and will rebalance the squads if need be. They have already formed relationships with players on the EVE side and some have even created EVE accounts for themselves to help our Corporation financially succeed. If you are playing with one of our Team Leaders and they witness the squad you are in obtain an Orbital Bombardment, they pay everyone in the squad 150k ISK! So if you're interested in joining us, head on over to http://www.holdsquare.com and complete the three steps to becoming a Reaper. Sign the Reaper Code, introduce yourself, and come have fun!
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Still looking for you all you mature gamers to fill our ranks. Come on over to our site and check us out.
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Tired of someone else telling you when you have to play?  Join us.  We won't tell you when you have to play.