Dust 514: Fresh meat in need of some teeth.

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So I just downloaded Dust 514 to check it out. I've literally played about 6 of the basic matches so far (and haven't done to shabby). I haven't spent a single skill point or any currency as of yet, and I don't plan to right off the bat. I figured i'd reach out to *Your name here* and see what the smartest use of my resources is. I usually prefer sniping, but with all the Halo-esque jumping around going on, i'm probably gonna stick with the fast assault/assault rifle type. That being said, what do I wanna focus on upgrading/buying or whatever. Is there equipment that looks good to me, a newbie, that I should avoid buying? Is there a certain skill I absolutely have to get? Any general knowledge I should keep in mind when i'm heading into a fight? I should also mention that, for the time being, i'm not gonna put any actual money into the game. Is that a recipe for disaster? Should I just quit now if i'm not gonna pay? Anyway, I've had fun so far. I was surprised at how crisp the gunplay feels. Would like to get into that Corporate Battle stuff someday, but for now i'll keep my balls on the prize. Help me Gamespot forum members. You're my only hope.
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Imo, try to get the skills that unlock the non militia versions of gear you want to use, as they're generally less demanding in dropsuit resources and allow better loadouts, and don't bother with skills like turrets, vehicles, corporations etc, as they only work in stuff you own. Avoid using advanced/prototype gear all the time unless you have the isk or aur to support that, try to avoid combat reloads unless you have the rapid reload sub-skill for that weapon type and get familiar with layouts and the more frequent tactics used in each, take advantage of your surroundings. For now, you're better off with a medium dropsuit, and try to set it up with a drop uplink to get war points for each team spawn.

Edit: On second thought, you're better off reading wiki.dust514.info if you're still playing. It has guides and explains mechanics too.