2 free Keys for this Weekends Beta First come first served

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I already played last week and will be out of town this weekend my loss is your gain. Enjoy your free weekend. Would be nice if the 2 people that redeem this would post so others don't waste there time trying to redeem :)

Congratulations, merc. Youve been selected to help grow the ranks of the DUST 514 closed beta. Below are 2 unique PlayStation®Network (PSN) Voucher codes. Theyre yours to use and distribute however you choose.* 


These PSN Voucher codes are only good for access to this weekends closed beta, which runs July 26th-30th. So dont delay  recruit your friends today!

Please note that the PlayStation Network will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from Thursday, July 26 at 15:00 GMT to Friday, July 27 at 07:00 GMT.

If you need assistance, please contact Customer Service at support@dust514.com

*Note: These PSN Voucher codes are region-specific and can only be used by players in North America, Central America, and South America.