Menu complexity might keep the 1-5 year olds from fully grasping the game. The rest of us have some fun to do.

User Rating: 8 | Dungeons & Dragons Tactics PSP
There are no lengthy stories, cut scenes, or animations to sit through. You build your party of 6 characters, or select from the pregenerated character list, and then your in a dungeon and playing. The story line that happens is not intrusive and easily skipped through. There is a witch and some prophesy, go talk to the elves, something something something, and then your back in a dungeon again. Every time you clear a dungeon you can move around on the main map to sell off loot, bring back dead party members who fail, or switch out your people and bring in fresh blood. Its a very straight forward collection of the essential elements of d&d in a portable format thats conveniently right in your pocket or backpack. The lightness of it means you can forget whatever you were doing and come back to it a few days later and keep right on going again, which is how i use the psp. During commutes, waiting for class or appointments, or conference call meetings, something something something, and im in a dungeon again.

The original reviewer on this site criticized the game for having too much going on in the menus. I think he missed the point that the extra depth in the menus are only necessary if you want to drill down and do more specific tasks. You can always just click x on the attack button and then click again to confirm your target and your all done. If you want to do specials then you left over and pick something more detailed. I didn't find much difference between the actions menu of this game and FF tactics as far as how fast i could get a task done.

The reviewer here also had problems viewing the environment. You can use the arrows to center your field of view on any point on the map, you are NOT locked onto a character, and then use the stick pad to change your camera angle in a wide arc from top-down view to just above the ceiling angle with a full 360 degree of freedom. I find that using those controls if there was something on the map in my parties distant pov i could go check it out. It wasn't like hard. I didn't fall out of my chair doing it or even hurt my thumb or whatever your problem must have been. Pretty standard for the psp control system and way better then FF tactics will give you.

The 5 score this game received at this site taught me an important lesson. IGNORE the gamespot reviewers and listen to the site users, the real gamers here. Also listened to the people at the game store who put D&D tactics on a pedestal, so to speak, as an important game to have in my psp collection.