Great but getting better all the time. New Graphics rock.

User Rating: 9 | Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach PC
UPDATED AT BOTTOM Played this game now for about 5 months think its one of the best rpg ive played, graphics are amazing, sound is good, and gameplay is really great.

all the classes are very diverse, and each play a unique role in party or quest, depending on variety in your party quests can be very different, and can be completed in different ways, after 5 months i still have not reached the level cap or played every quest, i am lvl 9 ranger and there is always stuff for me to do wether its a new quest soloing a previous one, or repeating a previous one on a harder difficulty to raise my favour with the patrons.

The Quests vary imensely some being indoor some being out and even between the two there is alot of variety, one min you could be in a dense forest killing bugbears, next you could be in a long forgotten crypt killing undead or fighting your way through a jungle fortress and taking the place of gladiators in an arena, and many many more, and have to say they all look great the gaphics are really excellent, even down to birds in the sky and rubbish blowing through the city streets, monsters look great too from the lowly kobold to the beholder shooting different rays from each eye stalk or the vampire changing into a pack of wolves or a swarm of bats when it movs.

There are lots of solo quests now for the new players to get you used to your character before you group for the majority of quests in a party of 2-6 untill you get to the 12 man raids for the high end characters, the stories for each quest are very intrigueing and well thought out some running over a series of 2-8 quests while others are completed just after 1.

With the new modules added there is more high end and low content, more game features such as mailing system favour with patrons, the new drow elf race and more arcane spells.

Although this game is not perfect just yet after 5 months it is certainly moving closer with each update and is deffinately moving in the right direction, and is a great game for you and your friends to enjoy playing, so why not try the trial now?

UPDATED 16/07/2007

Well being playing this game now since march 2006 although had 3 month break as have a real life too lol, this game since my last review has just got beeter, with the additon of mod 3 the dessert area and several more updates we now have a lvl cap of 12 (soon to be 14 in less than a week) many more quests, feats spells, monsters and in game features such as Auction houses and in game mail. The dessert area has some of the best graphics i have seen in a game with the day/night cycle and huge landscapes, the quests in this area also have new features and many new mobs and some great story lines leading to another 12 man raid fighting a marilith (half woman half snake with 6 arms and a sword in each) thie game continues to get better and better with the anouncements of the monk class and half-elf and half orc races being added later this year, and from what ive seen of the new module coing to Europe in less than a week, this game is going from strength to strength.

UPDATED 24/10/2007

Well MOD 4 and updates (4.1 /4.2) offered new content and another Raid as well as more adventure areas for all lvls (great for few mins solo or groups)
Added huge new Giant Hold area with new mobs also with the lvl cap to 14 came loads of new spells (maybe around 40+) new feats and greater rewards as well as adding the S in dungeons and dragons with 3 more smaller dragons, also dragonmarks brought more an eberron feel to the game as well as special abilities and more racial diversity,

MOD 5 with this mod the game recevied another large area with most all the new quests set in a haunted forest and crypts, which also finnshes off the Litany fo the dead saga started last year, there were more new monsters added mostle undead types and another raid, but what was also great was the graphics upgrade to this game, the water and lighting/shadows in the game were upgraded significantly as well as a greater range of grpahics settings, water now fully reflects the sceneray around it and lighting and shadows are much more realistic with whole dungeons shimmering with torchlight.

With news after this release that the small updates would be stopping for a while and the gmae would move straight to MOD 6 with a lvl increase to 16 and more quests content spells etc i look forward to this game becoming even better than what it already is.