If you've played WoW, its impossible to play any other mmo, even if its *FREE*

User Rating: 4 | Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited PC
I figured I'd download it cause its OMGFREE. The most enjoyable part was character creation.

But I'm amazed at how none of these new mmo's even try to innovate the genre. As soon as I started playing, I was forced to talk to some dumb midget/elf/rogue with awful voice acting, and all I could think was GENERIC GENERIC GENERIC. World of Warcraft set a standard for semi-worthwhile, enduring, but most importantly POLISHED gameplay, and if you try to play any other MMO it feels like going backwards several centuries.
There is simply no point to bother with any of this. Sure, they focused on a 'story driven' approach but what's the use when the story is completely insipid and cliched? The same lame, do-goody characters that you've seen a million times before?
Where's the imagination? Where's the INNOVATION? They churn out games the same way they make hollywood movies now: all advertising, zero substance.
Sorry but I can't get excited, I can't even get temporarily addicted to a game that has me smashing barrels and crates for loot right from the outset. There is no need for a brain-dead NPC tutorial, I couldn't even put it up with it long enough to get to the multiplayer part, but all I see is fearful, backwards-thinking generic game design which follows the ultimate creed controlled by vivendi or whoever has monopolized the videogame industry:

"do whats already been done... you must follow a *proven* money-making formula... dont ever dare to try anything new, innovative, or different"