Everyone! i wourn u! ignore the crudy score! this game is totaly sweet!

User Rating: 10 | Dungeons & Dragons Heroes XBOX
i know this game got a lausy 6.6, but its such a lie! i would atleast give it a 8.8 maybe even in 9 out of 10. sure, the gameplay gets interuppted way to much with stupid little videos, but wat game dosnt, honestly ppl... this game looked OK.. so i bought it. and let me tell u! it is way better then just OK... it is fantastic, and i wholeheartedly recommend it to any one who likes either D&D or just RPGs in general. it was suprisingly awsome, especially with the score it got lol! check it out! u might wanna rent it first, but u should deinetly try it atleaswt 1nc, it is a sweet game! if u get bored with the storyline it is supper fun to just walk around killin stuff with a huge ax lol!