d and d heros is a basic hack,n,slash rpg that does nothing unique

User Rating: 6 | Dungeons & Dragons Heroes XBOX
dungeon's and dragon's heros is afun game with some cool monsters but it has many problem's. the first problem is the feeling of deja vu if you've played any of the baulder's gate game's this game will feel very much the same though it lack's some of the thing's that made BGDA so great. one is the graphic's d and d's graphic's are medieocre at best there blocky and the particle affect's are bland. two is the gameplay it's very,very repetitive to the point of frustration.sound like the graphic's( and the hole game for that matter) is very bland and unoriginal.if your looking for a great hack and slash THIS IS NOT THE GAME FOR YOU. but if you are in need of this type of game then go play baulder's gate or at the very least untold legend's.

ps. i sold this game to get a ps2 go guitar hero =)