Dungeons & Dragons Heroes Cheats For Xbox

  1. Item / Money Duping

    Simply hit start on a second controller. Load the most current saved game you have of your current character. Go into the inventory of the newly loaded character, give whatever you want to your first character (items/money) and leave party. Rinse and repeat. This will let you have infinite anything, including permenant attribute items and level up skill point items (the tomes that give you skill points).

    Contributed by: Arc2055 

  2. Cheat Passwords

    To get to the Cheat Box you Hold left Trigger then Press Y and A together

    Effect Effect
    ZAHORIK 10 Healing Potions Medium
    SPINROD 10 Antivenom
    SPINRAD 10 Antivenom
    THOMAS 10 Berserk Brew
    DAWN 10 Charisma
    YAN 10 Dexterity
    ESKO 10 Fash Freeze
    WEBER 10 Fire Bomb
    BROPHY 10 Fire Flask
    EHOFF 10 Firey Oil
    WRIGHT 10 Globe Potion
    CRAWLEY 10 Holy Water
    DERISO 10 Insect Plague
    JAUREGUI 10 Intelligence Modifer
    KEIDEL 10 Keys
    SNODGRASS 10 Keys
    THOMPSON 10 Large Healing Potions
    GEE 10 Large Will Potions
    LU 10 Medium Potions of Will
    UHL 10 Potions of Haste
    SMITH 10 Pyrokins
    AUSTIN 10 Rod of Destruction
    DELUCIA 10 Rod of Fire
    JARMAN 10 Rod of Miracles
    MILLER 10 Rod of Missiles
    WHITTAKE 10 Rod of Reflection
    DINOLT 10 Rod of Shadows
    CALLAHAN 10 Strength Modifier
    ROMANO 10 Thrown Axe of Ruin
    MOREL 10 Thrown Daggers
    BELL 10 Thrown Daggers of Stunning
    PRASAD 10 Thrown Halcyon Hammer
    BRATHWAI 10 Thrown Hammer
    HOWARD 10 Thrown Viper Axe
    FRAZIER 10 Thrown Viper Axe
    ELSON 10 Thuderstone
    PAQUIN 10 Tome of Lessons
    BILGER 10 Tome of the Apprentice
    MEFFORD 10 Tome of the Teacher
    SPANBURG 10 Tomes of the Master
    HOPPENST 10 Warp Stones
    LAUREANO 10 Wisdom modifier
    GIMME XP 10,000 XP
    N STINE Add 10 points in Constitution
    ZXE053 ADD 10 points in Dexterity
    DSP633 ADD 10.000 XP
    KNE637 Add 500.000 Gold
    UNBUFF Deactivate Invul/Inf MW
    OBADHAI Infinite Mystical Will
    PELOR Invulnerability
    Yoshidog opens a video of a cute little dog
    CREDITS Scrolls game credits
    CONCEPTS Short movie showing arts used in the game
    MPS LABS Unlock Nightmare difficulty

    Contributed by: roastpork, blah blah blah, aaron85, ffixeiko, joshuaedgerton, XBAsh, strider beta, ShinfistMasters 

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