Don't waste your money on this junk!

User Rating: 1 | Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale PC
I love D&D, and my first taste of D&D was the ORIGINAL Pools Of Radiance from 1988. And even with its 1988-graphics, it is a better game than Daggerdale. This game is an utter waste of money. First mistake: You get to choose a pre-made character, be it a halfling mage, an elven rogue, a human warrior, or a dwarven cleric. Yeah, they say you get to distribute your skill points, but why? Like other reviewers, I also could not figure out how to use your skills. Worse, the game is so easy I doubt you would ever need any skills except for your left and right mouse buttons.

The camera is on a fixed height. Actually, there are 2 camera heights, both worthless. You can't drag your camera down to try and look down a hallway. All you can do is turn it 360 degrees on the preset height.

I never even got to a shop keeper to try and sell my loot. Once I saved a few dwarves and they "uggh" and "ooomf" and "aaagh"ed at me (yeah no speaking, just constipated noises while you read), I realized I was getting nauseous. So I quit the game, uninstalled it, and immediately felt better. I usually give my old games to less fortunate friends, but this one goes straight into the dustbin... AFTER I broke the CD so somebody else don't punish themselves by trying to play this junk.