Dont be a loner

User Rating: 3 | Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale X360
I won't repeat what the reviews have already stated, I will tell you my opinion of this game. While I played this for a few hours yesterday, it had to be the hardest few I played the game. While the first hour wasn't that bad, it was the first level after the tutorial that got frustrating fast. The problem lays in the fact that after beating a group of enemies and moving on into the room and nearly clearing it out (note that the rooms you go into are not even that big), literally a few minutes after said battles, enemies respawn. I am not saying that respawing is bad, but if you dont make haste in what you are looking for or are having trouble completing an objective, you will soon be overwhelmed with the same enemies you JUST defated minutes before. This means you have to fight your way out too after completing your objective (aarrgh!!), and don't run out of health potions. You will be spending an extreme amount of your pilfered coin on health potions in this endless respawning. While you could play this game alone, it is quite obvious this game needs to be played co-operatively, as it is nearly impossible to play alone. I will mention briefly the low res graphics in this game, especially viewed up close, which is glaring distracting after getting used to better hi res games I have played previously. Unless the publisher updates this game with a patch to tone down the enemies for single players, I will not be playing this game again. I did like the variety of weapons I had found, I do like to search and pick up everything in rpg's, but this is not enough to save it. Play it with friends, and even that is a bit challenge too I have read.