Does not live up to the proud history of it's name.

User Rating: 5 | Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale X360
So, to age myself, I played first played dungeons and dragons back in the 70's, before their were versions. It is a fantastic brand, full of history, growth, and in depth stories. So, my expectations are high for any product with the Dungeons and Dragons logo. I did try to tone my expectations down a bit, reminding myself that this is a cheap(15.00) XBLA game. Therefore it is not going to be as long or well developed as a 60.00 box game.

That being said, the game overall was still disappointing. First of all, it is very buggy. From the opening moments when the game informed me it could not locate anywhere to save my game, i knew there were going to be multiple issues. The game freezes frequently in multiplayer, and has multiple errors in single as well.

Probably the most frustrating aspect of the game is that it is so lackluster. The visuals, both technically and artistically, are just enough to make the game work. The animations are boring, and the sound effects are functional only. You will have very few wow moments when playing this game.

The story was ok, but lack of voice acting and repetitive quests take away from it. And with the breadth and depth of stories available in the D and D universe, an ok story is unacceptable.

Overall this is a basic, barebones dungeon crawler. with the D and D name, and with the quality of recent XLBA games, it could and should have been better.