this is one of the best rpg from psp that you can play! seriously it have all

User Rating: 9 | Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony PSP
at first i was a litle sceptic but when i start playing (couldn't stop for 5-6 h i just wanted more and more unfortunely i was having to go at work in mornig) and saw all the armors that feels like you are in wow , and also the magics combat all are just right, the dificulty its not easy and not very hard it feels like you have been born with it seriously and also the story and quest are plent to play you have lots of h of gameplay. you have to chose 3 class warrior mage and rogue alll are very balanced. you have to kill lots of mobs and also in caves or major areas have boses like in wow elites that are quite chalenging at some i died few times and what is the best thing of this game is taht keep you suck in you don't want to let it go :) just don't trust the note that gamespot give it play and see that its almost a 10 if they where doing the game in 2012 surely it been was of 10+