The PSP's Dungeon Siege offers a fairly in-depth dungeon crawling experience and is a game worth picking up.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony PSP
Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony doesn't provide a revolutionary dungeon crawling experience, but it's a fun game that you shouldn't overlook.

Review based on:
1. Gameplay: controls and game format.
2. Graphics: visual impact on the gamer.
3. Sound: sound effects and musical score.
4. Story: overall impact of narrative.
5. General Appeal: the game's ability to keep you interested and playing.

Gameplay (7.0/10): Very simple. Throne of Agony does very little to distinguish itself from other games of the genre. However this is not entirely a bad thing; you will become familiar with the game's interfaces very quickly causing the game's overall learning curve to be quite easy. Combat is very straight-forward as well and you'll catch on to it very quickly if you're familiar with dungeon crawlers. You won't be disappointed with the gameplay but you also won't be impressed.

**The gamespot review complains of many bugs/hitches. I played completely through the game and experienced a hitch with the environment a few times when enemies became stuck in their surroundings and once my minion became trapped, but neither of these problems hindered the gameplay at all, so I did not lower the score because of them. Perhaps I was just lucky?

Graphics (9.0/10): Throne of Agony is pretty. There are plenty of different enemy models that you'll encounter and I found myself enthralled at some points by the dungeon designs (although most of the time they were straight-forward). Your avatar looks great and the large items you have equipped all have their own distinguished appearance on your character (I would have actually liked to see belts appear on your character, but oh well). Overall it's just in general a very good looking game and you'll be very satisfied.

Sound (10/10): I have been unable to find any faults in the Throne of Agony soundtrack. Every environment has its own suitable and immersing score, and the sound effects are perfect for each weapon's varied sound. Every little sound was perfectly implemented in the game and I was even extremely happy and entertained with the small voice-overs that were given to NPCs that you encounter. They didn't cover close to the amount of text dialogue that appeared but they provided a pleasant sound effect whenever you initiated contact with an NPC. They fit the character models well and you will be very happy with the overall effect.

Story (6.0/10): It passes. Barely. You're immediately thrown into a story about your avatar without any background whatsoever and you never really feel any connection with your character throughout the game because of this. It's a very linear storyline and you generally feel as though the narrative was tacked on just because, well, a story is generally necessary in a video game for it to be a good one. You won't be immersed in the emotional aspect of this game for sure, but the story definitely does not kill the game either-- but hey, this game's all about the combat, right?

General Appeal (9.5/10): Throne of Agony is a very aesthetically pleasing game and is attractive in about every aspect. The enemy models are for the most part original and you'll very much enjoy the environments your character wanders through from beginning to end. The cutscene art is fantastic and definitely won't disappoint. There really isn't too much about this game that I could imagine would keep you from continuing to play it or picking it up in general besides the lacking story, which truly isn't a reason to not play this game (because of the game's other great aspects, of course).

Overall (8.5/10): A very high quality dungeon crawler as far as I'm concerned and I would highly recommend picking this one up as opposed to Untold Legends or D&D. You'll be very happy with this title and you'll be loving the hack-and-slash dungeon crawling the moment you start the campain.