This game is great! Its def the hack n slash action that i have always wantd for the psp! One of the best

User Rating: 8.5 | Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony PSP
I really dig this game. I'm a huge Diablo fan from way back-and this game comes the closest for tickling the fancy i had for that classic style of gameplay that i fell in love with. Cool animations on high lvl items, pretty good graphics, and addictive gameplay make this game worth while for anyone who likes the fully customizable gameplay so many adore. Try it before untold legends cause i cant stand the version that that game provides for the psp. This game is easy to get into and will eat you up for hours.

The only negatives i found is that the game is a bit e z to get through and lvl up, however, doesnt ruin it. Its also a bit short but the game always provides something to do. If that somehting is not lvlin, then its finding better items for your build.

This game is a def must have for any rpg hack n slash game lover. Really awesome.