Man 'o man! This game is GREAT!

User Rating: 9.9 | Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony PSP
I can see why people might find this sort of Diablo-esque RPG boring on their computer. Hell, I didn't find Dungeon Seige 2 THAT fantastic (good, not great), but this game is AMAZING!

Graphics- Perfect. Looks great in game, and the cinematic parts are sort of cell shaded still frames with a moving camera with decent voice over work. Really cool looking and well acted. Ace.

Sound- Orchestral music, good ambient sound, good voice acting. Ace.

Loading time- The ever important loading times for the PSP... perfectly tolerable. Considering how nice the game looks, I can stand the 45 sec - min loading times. Ace.

Gamplay- O.K., these kinds of games are kinda boring in terms of gameplay on computers, 'cause all you're doing is pointing and clicking, right? Not here, my friends, not here. The interface is perfect here, with face buttons assigned to attacks (mash for speed, hold for strength. Perfect) & special attacks, L shoulder for potions, R shoulder for modifier... etc. etc. It's really well set up, and makes the action really fun to play. Skill tree works well, and when you level up, you feel like you're stonger. Ace.

Characters- This bears mentioning, because there's three characters you have to choose from, which may sound limiting, but works very well. I like how each character has their own motivation and story. When you create your own on the computer, it feels like the story happens around you. Here, it feel like you're right in the story. Beauty. Ace.

Overall- If you're looking for a fun RPG for you PSP, BUY THIS GAME!!!! It's really fun to play and level up. Perfect for the PSP. Now I just need a good Japanese style RPG, and I'm set, kids!