How in the world do I SAVE my progress?

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So this is so UNLIKE DS1 where I could push a button & save my progress. I am playing on a home PC, and the game pop-ups tell me I can save my progress at certain points in the game. However, whenever I TRY to do that, the game informs me I'm going to lose ALL MY PROGRESS! Last night I was playing, reached a level up, gained new quests, was playing a good 2 HOURS & grew tired, decided to quit figuring the game may have just AUTOSAVED me, but alas....NOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I AM BACK AT THE VERY BEGINNING! WTF?! I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!! NOT TO MENTION THE PC CONTROLS ARE HORRIBLE! It runs so slowly and the camera just spins out of control! Has anyone else encountered this problem?