A free, nice surprise.

User Rating: 6.5 | Dungeon Runners PC
I was skeptical when I got this game as it was free but figured I would give it a shot as I had become quite burned out on Wow and Vanguard and all of those other games for the time being. Keep in mind this is unlike any of those games. It is more like one of those long gone games where you can just fly through a dungeon and kill everything and get crazy amounts of loot (if you are a member..) Everyone gets portal scrolls as well that they can use to portal back to town to sell which you will find you have to do quite frequently. Another charming little factor about the game is you can repetitively kill the same boss over and over and get different loot off it every time you do so. The item name references are actually pretty funny as well for a while. The world is a bit small, and you will tend to run the same dungeons quite a few times before you move on but it surprisingly hasn't gotten old for me just yet. If you are just in the mood for something different and don't want to pay $40-50 for a newer game just to fill in a few hours of your time per day, then give this a shot.

Pros: Simplistic, cute graphics, not overly time consuming.. easy to stop at any time and pick up where you left off. Free, besides the membership fee which is optional (but not if you really want to enjoy the loot).
Cons: The controls are a bit annoying for people who like to steer with mouselook rather than using the keyboard. No experience for completing quests, just money. Small world.