Its got great ideas but just couldn't give it what it wanted to deliver

User Rating: 5.5 | Dungeon Runners PC
Dungeon Runners is a MMOARPG where you basically just dungeon crawl online with other players. When you first start out you get to pick from only 3 classes, mage, warrior, and ranger. But you are not anchord by the class you choose you can also pick from other classes abilites for example. if you choose to be a warrior you can learn a few spells from the mage class. Another thing is the graphics ressemble WoW to some extent but the game play owes everything to the diablo sereis you may like it at first but after a couple hours it becomes bland and boring. the npc are a littel funny, and quest seem to simple.
But hey its free whats not to like. You can chose to pay a subscription fee for a membership to get better stuff for a small fee of 5.00, but it doesn't really change much. There are actually more players on the free server than the p2p server. If you like dungeon crawling with your friends online this is the game for you but if not, uninstall the game and try some thing else.