Humerous and entertaining

User Rating: 8 | Dungeon Runners PC
Dungeon Runners puts some much needed humor in to a field that has been overloaded with WoW and Guild Wars clones attempting to steal some thunder.

The designers did a great job keeping from following the easy route of cookie cutter MMORPG games. While you do follow the standard steps of selecting a character, making some basic physical appearance changes and then going through a simple tutorial/quest beginning. You will notice the humor right away. When the NPCs tell you things like "Take off, I didn't want you here anyway!" and people are wandering around with giant pizza cutters, you know you are not following the pack here.

Now given, there are the standard "Go here and kill X enemies" style quests, the thing about this game is the humor involved. I would suggest playing this game for the humor alone.

There are a couple of options with membership: free, monthly membership for $5 or purchasing the retail version for $20. With the retail version, you get 6 months membership and a Bling Gnome. With the paid membership, you have a larger inventory, you can use all of the items and no ads. Honestly, with the free account I still enjoy the game. I don't mind the ads and there are plenty of powerful items that I can still use.

If you are a serious hard-core gamer, either pass on this game or play it as a break from the seriousness. It is more for the casual gamers who want to log on for 30 minutes to kill some uglies and then log off. Though be prepared to become addicted quite easily.