Back to the old days of hack n' slash bone head style.

User Rating: 7.5 | Dungeon Runners PC
After I got tired with lvling in Lord of the Ring Online, I just browsed through random website and found the advertise about Dungeon Runners. "The mother of all RPGs," they said. So I decided to load it and gave a shot.

The graphic of this game reminds me of playing WoW at lowest graphic settings. The game lets players to move around using WASD and QE keys and also allows the left click key to do pathfinder. What I like about this game is that, there's barely any death penalty in this game. I can simply die and then teleport back to fight the boss. To make it even easier, I can just right click on my group member and port right to them without any cost. Therefore, it eliminates **** n' moans when you group with other people.

The developer tends to make this game as a satire and parody. You can see the rat monster with hiphop music in the its dungeon with his gangsta poster on the back of his room. You can also find the Ratsputin's armies in Kremlin(I'm serious). The story is close to nothing. It's more like a joke you can laugh at it than the story that pull you into the game.

The quest system is quite worthless. You gets either king's coin (use to trade for items) or gold. That's right, NO XP from QUESTS!??!!? You pretty much can just run all the dungeons without getting any quest to continue your game.

The classes in this game is not fixed at all, you can respec at any time you want. Of course anything comes with price, but you can switch your current class to anything else as long as you have money to do so.

Bottom line, if you're looking for some simple game that you can click click and kill the enemies for fun. But to look for something meaning full or having intrigue stories, try other MMORPG.