More Like Diablo than most other MMORPG, only more fun than Diablo

User Rating: 9.5 | Dungeon Runners PC
After seeing the GameSpot review, I had to comment...
This game is more like a combination of Diablo series and Guild Wars, than it is like most other MMORPG. Graphics of the game are exceptional for the games cost, and it's made for hack and slash fun, with a bit of a sense of humor. Character-skill development is purely up to the player, as to create the kind of toon you want to play.
The base game is free, and with the box version (bling gnome) you can get all the games goodies for 6 months for only $19.99. 6 months, for only a slight bit more than it costs to play one month of EQ or WoW.
After those 6 months, it's only 4.99 per month for premium membership to continue... or you can continue your toons for free and just put up with a banner adv on the top of the screen with some limited high end loot and banking options.

As for the review listed at GameSpot... when have you ever played a MMORPG game for FREE, that had this much in it that also looked this good. The Gamespot Review does not do this game justice.