Good fun for a short while.

User Rating: 7 | Dungeon Runners PC
I had alot of fun playing this game for a couple weeks. I got very bored of it after that though. The game has 100 levels for your character to go through and I made it to level 35. Its alot of fun but very repetitive... but that is inherent to most hack n' slash style games.

Pretty much my recommendation is to download it and try it out for free and see how it feels. If you enjoy the same dungeon again and again with the occasional different backgrounds than by all means enjoy. The 5 dollars a month price tag is only for the people that want the higher end gear and extra bank space among a few other things.

You really cant go wrong with this game but honestly as said above I could only stand to play it for a couple weeks before I just was far to bored with it to play it anymore.