Brilliant RPG that even in 2011 hadnt lost any of its appeal and offers tons of hardcore RPG fun with dosbox installed.

User Rating: 9.5 | Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep PC
Its raining. Thunders lash the ground and soaked grass squelches under your feet as you walk out of your shelter. You hear scary noise and see furtive movement in the shadows. Every once in a while lightning illuminates dark towers of Skullkeep, that are looming over horizon in a distance. That is your destination. But it will be a long journey. The four of you - young fighter Torham Zed, barbarian warrior Bane the blade cleaver, wizard Saros the shadow follower, and beautiful young priestess Het Farvil, are this worlds last hope, noone else can prevent it to dive into Chaos. Legends say that whole fortress Skullkeep is a machine that opens portal to another world.

Dungeon Master 2: The Legend of Skullkeep is quite simply the best RPG I have ever played. It has beautiful atmosphere, great system of character development, very clever level design, incredibly entertaining spellcasting and absolutely beautiful graphics, that will never get old. Lets take a closer look on each of those aspects.

Character development
Dungeon Master 2 character development system is very similar to the original Dungeon Master. Your characters are getting better at whetever they doing simply by doing it. It is so well balanced that you never ever need to grind, you are simply playing the game, have your priest mix some healing potions, your mage throw a fireball here and there, cast a light every once in a while, your warrior fighting your enemy, and in the final parts of the game, all your characters will be grandmasters in their art. But you are not limited by anything, in fact you can take Saros (who is maybe the best wizard, but very weak warrior), give him sword and place him to the front line at the beginning of the game and you will train him into a formidabble fighter very soon.

Spellcasting is a bit complicated for newcomers but you can get used to it very soon. There are 4 sets of runes and you use 1 rune from every set to form a spell. First set says how strong spell you want to cast and the other runes form the spell itself. For example runes MON ZO EW ROS summon powerfull attack minion. The runes are combined very easily by clicking on them and every rune drains some mana from the caster. During the game you find formulas for various spells and potions that help you with your quest. It all works pretty well and is very entertaining.

Graphics and sounds
The art style of Dungeon Master 2 is beautiful and enemies are very well animated. The result is that Dungeon Master 2 didnt loose any of its appeal, because its graphics simply dont get old. It looks great and is perfectly playable even today when gamers are used to hi-tech graphics and simplified gameplay. Sounds are even better than graphics, especially the music. Various melancholic melodies on piano shift into action music when certain enemies appear. All the music is very original and its pleasure just to listen to it. Sounds of effects are simple but not disturbing and do their job just right.

The world of Dungeon Master 2 is designed very clever, you are never confused and you always have a clue where to go next, but it never feels like tunnel nor corridor. When you collect all four parts of the key to the Skullkeep, you find out that the whole fortress is huge mechanism with several floors full of various inhabitants and traps. Your goal is to keep the machina running to open a portal to another dimension, which is pretty challenging because lord Chaos sends his minions not only after you, but also to sabotage the machine and near the end of the game one must work run all over the fortress to fix this and that while still making progress in the game. Luckyly, priests can cast powerfull guard minions that can greatly slow down Chaos minions in their sabotage efforts. Final boss fight in another dimension is truly epic. I remembered on it when playing Killzone 2, because Radec is just as tough on higher difficulties.

All in all, Dungeon Master 2 is a brilliant RPG experience and most likely the ultimate first person dungeon crawler game (since this genre, once so popular thanks to games like Ishar trilogy, Eye of the Beholder trilogy, Lands of Lore, Ultima Underworld, etc. is now nearly non-existant, last game of this kind I know of is Arx Fatalis). If you havent played it yet, do it now!

p.s. English is not my native language, so Im sorry for mistakes.