This game will tear your opinion of it in half and then throw it back at you laughing.

User Rating: 4.5 | Dungeon Lords PC
Dungeon Lords looked like a good catch in store, picked it up along side a few other 'cheap' Role Playing Games. I got myself slightly excited looking at it on the huge train journey home from Southend Town Centre to Shoeburyness and couldn't wait to get in and start smashing some skulls in. Boy, oh boy, was I (sort of) disappointed.

First off, you can't say this game is a total waste of time, it just wouldn't be right with it's attractive price tag and the half-enjoyment of the story and gameplay before you get distracted by funny creatures, weird storyline and lack of flow. Upon arriving at the main menu and getting on with things you are placed in the middle of what seems to be a forest, okay... now what? Where do I go?! I knew I should have charged my darn iPhone before coming on an adventure! It's confusing for me to play it, I didn't know where to go, how to play the game and got killed by some monsters as I pathetically tried to fight for my survival.

Once dying a few times and running around like a headless chicken for 5 hours, I stumbled upon a sewer entrance to the side of this castle/city and saw a goblin creature who brought out his posse to 'sort me out'. After knowing that you need to actually find your way around this game, I decided to carry on and see what the rest of the game is like.

Graphics wise, Dungeon Lords fails without question. Although it looks okay and not too shabby, it is very outdated from other games of the same age (nearly) and the same genre. It isn't all that bad really. So if the graphics are okay(ish) you are now expecting me to say the story is fantastic, aren't you? Well, sorry, but I can't. The story is fine and nice to play along with killing mob after mob but as said already, it's actually time consuming just to locate where to go next in your quest.

Speaking about mobs, after being smeared in crap for a few hours and now running around hopelessly inside a huge building, there seems to be a repetition that you notice. Mobs of monsters all come to you at once between certain intervals. This was really weird for me as I thought I kept walking into the main path to the 'Goblin Strip Club' or something. I found it amusing how I stood still and they kept coming and coming, and coming... and coming.

Although not feeling, looking or acting like any RPG's that I play and love, Dungeon Lords is a laugh. It's cheap, easy to play (if you don't mind getting frustrated) and is humorous to what it attempts to achieve. Well worth the purchase or try out if you are looking for a budget title.