Gave this one a pretty good shot, but it just doesn't get it, when it comes to quality combination RPG/Action gaming.

User Rating: 4.5 | Dungeon Lords PC
Graphics were acceptable in general, but some of the graphical glitches, even with the Collector's Edition were noticeable (smashed crates continuing to hover in mid air after being smashed...), items stuck on the sides of walls, etc. The controls were really poor, one had no selection ability over items/chests/locks that were in close proximity to each other. Targeting of opponents was totally non-existent, you were stuck w/ the one that was selected for you. Too much random clicking and not enough though into this one. Even on the Easy setting, died way too many times, and the game reload feature was way too slow. This piece of software rapidly became a chore rather than a diversion for one's free time relaxation. Item management in the Invetory area was very iffy, as to what it was, where it was, and whether or not I was able keep/use it. I guess a nice a feature was the ability to cusomize the character as it advanced, but I sure did not see too much results of the advancement, too often the same effects occurred even though I had put advancement points into the right categories. Not recommended except for the hardcore mouse-clicker set, and then also to those perhaps with a small masochistic streak.