A good experience overall.

User Rating: 8 | Dungeon Lords PC
Well I've played a ton of RPG's, some good, some amazing, some bad. I've first played D. Lords v 1.0 hoping to find an amazing world. But the glitches and obvious missing RPG elements made this an eyesore so I basically destroyed the CD with a sledgehammer. Then after 2 years or so, I'd already forgotten the game so I bought the CE thinking that it's a different game! I have short memory for crappy things so I just installed it but when I got into the game, I remembered my little experience. Anyways I just kept playing and I'd say it's been a great idea to buy it again! The character creation was better, the gameplay was better, the levels were richer and the epicness of the game was astounding! A big f**king game in my opinion, this deserves more kudos. Though the glitches haven't disappeared completely, it's actually playable in CE. The multiplayer ain't that great, or popular so I played only a few hours, focusing my attention on singleplayer. I can't wait for the next game in the series. My score is 8.0.