Learn2play Games char 1968

User Rating: 6 | Dungeon Lords PC
Its a good game concept and if your reading char 1968 don't post bad reviews if i games not like "WoW" i'll love it even more.

Anyway I was suprised i missed this since i used to play Dungeons siege alot, i'll sum up the good points and the bad points of the game for you.

Good, the character development is quite unique and i grew fond of it, its a good game repetative but what can u expect its a hack and slash :)

Bad the game had some glitches but the patch seem to sort "some" things out. Not enough people play it and i wasn't too keen on some the graphics even for the date it came out. The worlds also too under developed its a real shame cause i like the game and it had real potential maybe a better sequal? Hopefully

Overall, i'll definately be following up the sequal and hope it has what dungeon lords currently lacks
its a shame i'm going to have to say its probably not worth getting, just another undeveloped game that had potiental to be much more =\