*Collector's Edition Review.* This game is, altogether, acceptable.

User Rating: 6 | Dungeon Lords PC
Dungeon Lords is not the kind of game you've been saving up for and waiting FOREVER! It is the kind of game not worth 40 dollars ONLY because of its numerous amounts of glitches. Dungeon Lords is a very basic Action Role-Playing game. Nothing special.

There is a huge world for you to explore, which is fun, actually. The dungeons, such as the first one are very unforgiving and challenging.

You probably will die a lot in this game, sadly. After you die a million times, you no longer lose experience or items, your character is just some weak guy who can't beat any monster that comes up to you. By the way, monsters do suddenly pop up out of nowhere in this game, which is annoying to me.

I' m not sure if I should recommend this game or not because I feel it was not worth the 40 dollars I paid for. If you want this game, go ahead and buy the 30 dollar Gothic and Dungeon Lords collection. Now that is worth it!