Wonderfull game with a suprisingly good story. Furthermore it will take you many many hours finish it.

User Rating: 8 | Dungeon Lords PC
I played the game last November. And I think I'm going to play it again. The thing I find very attractive in this game is the many hours you need to complete a simple quest. We are talking about dungeons and in this game the dungeons are huge with a lot of creatures be spawned again and again. For example you get into a dungeon in order to fulfill a quest and there you have to figure out how to recover the quest item and find a way out and to do that you have to kill many creatures (they are spawned all the time). How to do that ??Play the game to find it out..
General Dungeon Lords is an action-adventure rpg. The graphics are satisfying and it could be better (character's appearence could be better).Moreover there not specific items in the chest and if you make a mistake and have to load back the game then it's not for sure that you would find the same things in the same chest. Something that matches better in multiplayers game (I didn't play it in multiplayer yet). Now as far the sound was good enough.
For me is a very good game. The bad is that you have to be patient and ready to spent a lot of time playing it. Morover the built up of the character when he is leveling up could be better.
As far the bugs I played it with the patch. Without the map the game is unplayable.
Personally I believe that is a worth playing game for those that are experienced with adventure games and furthermore are fans of RPG and Action games.
Something last it was the first time that a player was lef t hand (Your character will carry his sword in his left hand) :)