D.W. Bradley "Knows Rpgs Like James Brown Knows Soul". HAH! So says the box.

User Rating: 2.4 | Dungeon Lords PC
Dungeon Lords, with its initial release, was a horrible excuse of a game, with its too numerous to number bugs, and a waste of time multiplayer system... let me put it this way, if Dungeon Lords was a dart attempting to land on the center of the dart board, it would be flying across the room into the eye of the drunken fool in the corner.

Even now, after the release of version 1.4 for the original version, the game still bugs to the point where I'm unable to play, and multiplayer games are completelyh nonexistent. At best, the most multiplayer games I would find were two, and even then the games closed out almost right when I joined the lobby.

Apparently there is even a collectors edition, and by the way I hear, the only thing thats worth getting that one for is the fancy box. It seems that people that own the Collector's edition CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to play with people that own the original. Just don't play the game, don't waste time with it, its hands down not worth anybodys time.