a game that could of been good but didnt

User Rating: 7.5 | Dungeon Lords PC
as i started this game i was hoping for something new but as i played i noticed nothing really was that great to hope for.

as you set the options you notice that it has a random encounter option to small normal or more if you pick more you will be getting monster after monster nonstop.

when you need to heal you go into your equipment and use a potion but what's odd is that ever thing still goes on but the monsters don't hurt you while your in your equipment and half the time your armor most of the time break and give your penalty's for new armor so be sure to block a lot.

one more bad thing about this game is you cant die really, but after while of playing the game isn't that bad more of a pass time game i like to call them look in the bargain bin and give it a try you might enjoy it.