First, DreamCatcher release an "Official Demo" that is so bad that the fans label it "Only a pre-alpha".

User Rating: 5.5 | Dungeon Lords PC
DreamCatcher! You morons. First you release an "Official Demo" that is so bad that the fans label it "Only a pre-alpha" and hope that the endless criticism will be deflected. Then you follow it up with a retail release that confirms every intelligent gamer's worst fears - it really WAS 'Official'. Fact: you have released this game in a seriously unfinished state. It doesn't even measure up to the claims of your own manual! (No customisation of characters; no auto-map; no .... Oh, I can't be bothered to go on). You are a business that promotes a promise of interactive entertainment. In this case you simply lied to make money. Sure, there will be patches. But you've sold a lie. On this I judge your integrity. My respects go to those who conceived the ideas and worked hard to implement them. There is a myth that, due to the complexity of designing computer games (and crpg's in particular), they cannot be produced without significant bugs. Tell that to the mechanical engineers who designed the latest gorge-spanning bridge upon whose calculations your life depends. DreamCatcher - to you this whole process is a money-making game, not a profession. PS I have a 'Four-seasons' pizza for sale. The base is sorted but you'll need to give me the cash to find out if I've added all the toppings I promised. Interested? PPS Your employees have produced something potentially special. Are you professional enough to see it through?