Although it has missing features and glitches, it still is a good hack-n-slash type of game.

User Rating: 6 | Dungeon Lords PC
Some people like it, some people don't, and to be honest, I like the game, but just barely. If you can look past the glitches the game has, missing features and hard fights, you can have fun, because at it's core, it's a hack-n-slash type of game, and it plays like one, though it is a authentic click-fest. Now the worst has to be missing features. I mean, c'mon, no automap?! In a game this huge?! No way!

Gameplay: 6
The game to it's core is a hack-n-slash, and like I said before, it's a clickfest, so don't bash your mouse, and there are some original monsters and bosses. What pisses me off is that monsters WILL swarm you consistently if you stay in the same place for some time, and some fights can and will piss you off due to some chessyness of the monsters, like they will knock you down even when parrying. Classes are unbalanced also, so you're basically going always as a fighter rather than a mage, because you don't start with runes/crystals/scrolls to help you out in the beginning. The quests are actually pretty big, so get ready to have to spend some time in them, but the problem is (like most today RPGs) the quests are very simple. Fetch this and give it to me to have X. Kill this to be free. Search this and bring proof. Already seen, give me something new please!

Graphics: 7
The graphics are actually pretty nice, it has a nice ambient and a good amount of types of terrain to fight, like houses, grass areas, dungeons, caves, etc., and the overworld is really big. Really, it is.

Sound: 5
I didn't like the sound much, I thought it was kind of repetitive, and sometimes the sound won't trigger, or it will trigger too late.

Value: 6
If you're into dungeon crawls and can look past the bugs, glitches and missing features of the game, you can have a good time, honestly.

Tilt: 5
Not much replay value for me, because (like I said before) you can't play as a mage since you're forced to be a fighter.

So here's my breakdown of the good and bad stuff:

Good: fun hack-n-slash, good design of monsters and boss, huge overworld (which means a lot of exploration), quests actually are quite big.
Bad: missing features, can't become a mage (or just barely), missing sounds or delayed, quests are simple and monotonous.