dungeon keeper 2 is a pretty good game but the many crash bugs make it very fustrating

User Rating: 7.5 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
dungeon keeper 2 is an action stratagy game were you will have to complete around 20 or so levels. the levels start of pretty easy with you having to fight the forces of hororric good and the goodly lords of the lands but at around level 10 you will start to fight other rival keepers and in level 19 and 20 will have you fighting the king and his family that is what you will do in the main campaign skermish mode gives players the option to play against other computer players, you will select a map from about four different maps and start.
the battles will be the same as any campaign levels.

and last of all is the my pet dungeon mode, you will build a dungeon and attract in creatures as in all the other modes but you will not have any presure from other keepers or the forces of good (unless you click on a butten in the toolbar you will get one wave of them which you can capture them and conwert them) the creatures: here is a list of creatures that you can get in the game
goblin: your basic creature
firefly: good as a scout and nothing else
warlock: good at researching and upgrading spells and a good support for other creatures
troll: not so flash in combat but can manufactur doors and traps in the work shop
bile demon: hardest creatures to manage and also slow but can hold of enemies
skeleton: simular to the goblin but they do not need food or sleep
vampire: one of the stronger creatures in the game can only be created by getting four dead courpses ti the graveyard and letting them rot into the ground
balck night: your best and most deadliest creatures up close
misteress: a powerful creature but doesent have much health
dark elve: another great support creature but best when fighting in groups but will find themselfs slain if combat gets too heavy
dark angle: by far the most powerful creature in the game
and imps: which are magical workers and don't fight unless the dungeon heart becomes under attack

the down side to this game is that it crashes very commonly but its still a pretty good game!! gamespot