this game may have been made later than the first, but that doesnt mean its better

User Rating: 9 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
Ok, this game is very good, but ONLY if you get the patches for skirmish levels. unlike the first game (Un-patched) the enemies now dig gold, and its also offers more strategies as it is now possible to pit other keepers against each other, as they are no longer all allies. the last level is a let down because its nothing like level 20 of the first game, all you have to do is summon the reaper and bobs ur uncle. It appears that humour has been added and it does work well, but its at the expense of that underlying sense of malice the first one had. although the dungeon runs much more realistically, it doesnt seem quite so spontaneious as the first either, which deducts the way i feel for this game slightly. However, if theres one thing that made me frown, it was the realisation that the dragons, the tanks that gave backbone to the armies of the first game, were replaced by these orange sausage monsters (Salamanders) who's only good point is there humourous dance when the jackpot is reached in the casino. Dark angels are also not a very good replacement for the horned reapers either. i suppose the new monsters are good but i can only wish that the old ones had stayed. beetles, spiders, flies, dragons, demon spawn... why did bulfrog remove them? we will never know.

The game though is blessed by an actual storyline, it is not just a simple matter of ruling the world, you must now defeat your nemesis (Nemesis) in a battle to end all battles. Its a shame that keeper 3 was never made, as i think a similar game made with modern day technology would get something along a 9.8 at the lowest from official reviewers. Dungoen keeper 2, will have to do for now.