Dated graphics aside, this game still sizzles and pops when you play.

User Rating: 9 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
The basic concept behind this game is one I like to see - you play on the side of evil, directing your minions to destroy other keepers (and capture "hero's" that come to destroy you). You basically mine out dungeons on your quest to be supreme evil ruler. It is a RTS where you find portals to add creatures. Similar to Sim City, you zone certain areas of the dungeons you carve out. Based on the rooms you have, you will attract different types of creatures to your dungeon.

There are two parts of the game that I find best - one is converting the heros that come into your dungeon. Once you have a torture chamber, you can put the heros in there to convert them to the dark side. The other is possessing your creatures and being able to walk through the dungeon in a first person perspective. Now each time I see a new RTS I wonder if it will allow you to step in as one of the units.

Pros - Innovative story, terrific humor, first-person-view when you possess a creature

Cons - limited maps (can only replay so many times), dated graphics

I sincerely hope they put out Dungeon Keeper 3.