User Rating: 10 | Dungeon Keeper 2 (Classic) PC
So...great game...I think they should make more games where u can play the "on dark side of the force" :)) was and it is something new....they tried the same thing with Overlord(a little bit easy and short, but a great game).I suggest that u try Dungeon Keeper, I or II, because even they are old....the fact that u can the bad and nasty Dungeon Keeper/Overlord is very addictive.Enjoy one of the best real time strategy/adventure(I can say, when u use posses creature) with some rpg elements...TRY IT!!!GET ADDICTED
Another good thing is the mplay option...that can drag 2 or more players in a great rts world....that can eat many hours...and the gold edition with the my dungeon option ....stii enjoying ....And the mini games that u can play funny like to all rts lovers and that like to be "evil" this is a must play.