how to make the game display properly

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in windows 7, rightclick on the games icon on your desktop, choose error detection, let the errordetectionguide set the settings for windows XP, run as administrator. I'm not quie sure what I clickes in the errors questionaire, but that's the way I got it running properly
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I could not manage to get it to run properly on Windows 7. To be honest, I thing the components of your computer have more to do with it than the operating system. I did manage to install it and play it on an aloder PC running Windows 98. A lot of great memories playing this game. Too bad the franchise has been abandoned as it would have been amazing as a mobile game.

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The game was pretty complex for its time with a complex graphics engine that glitched even on the best computers of the day. Its apparent lack of compatibility with modern system shouldn't come as a surprise.

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Pretty hard to do. The game is so old.

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I've started playing this game again recently and I also have video issues. I really don't think there is a quick fix with modern computers and operating systems. I might get an old PC just for playing old games.