Redo Review: A great game, here is why...

User Rating: 7 | Dungeon Hunter IOS
When I read the reviews I was expecting a great game. I sort of got it, I played Balders Gate 2 for the PS2 and this plays nearly like this.

The story is... there. It's not exciting or play a major role to remember what happened. All of it is told in text which is a huge downer. Story is a great excuse to go to next area to next area.

The gameplay is slow at first but picks up very fast. My first profession was the Mage. Once you level up you can assign 2 points to one of 4 categories. Strength, Dexterity, Endurance and Energy each time you level. For my Mage I focused on Endurance and Energy (Guessing Health + Energy). You also have 1 point to spend on abilities. For me, I focused on transmuting (changing items for cash.) At the beginning, figuring it would come in handy later on. Well, I was somewhat right. Once Transmuting has gotten to level 10 (max) I was getting godly amount of gold to do what I please. For a magic to focus on I waited till I can use fire (At level 20) Sadly the other elements are all weaker, the only reason your should switch from fire is if you are in a area which foes take less damage from it.

Starting as a Mage I knew my tactics has to focus on Magic. When I started I used the hit and run tactics, if I get surrounded by foes I better have 2-3 potions ready to expend. Fighting foes 1 at a time is no problem but once 3-5 foes start attack you, it gets very hard. The simple solution is hit, run back, hit, run back and repeat until target is dead. There are a few problems with this.
1) No ranged weapons. If I target a foe, I run at it with my staff, very bad idea. Make controls very hard to do.
2) Respawning enemies. Sometimes when I leave a room the enemies come back. Which leaves me fighting double the foes I want to.
A little farther into the game I figured out using objects as shields to hit my foes from away. Barrels to randomly placed Crystals I can easily use as Shields while I use my ranged attacks.
Near the end of the game, foes became a joke.
At max Fire Magic I blast most foes in 1 hit. That includes some bosses! At this point the game become way to easy, even the final boss was a joke (5 hits first form, 7 hits last form.) I didn't even need to do my run tactic on the last form, I simply blasted away until she was dead.
Once I got my strategy down, the game went from hard, just right to easy. The only time I have to spam the potion button is if I messed up somehow.
A bug that is very annoying is unless an enemy is targeted your spells will go right through them, sneak attacks doesn't work.

This is the huge game changer. Being a Mage I must keep my enemies afar or I take major damage if 3 start pounding at me. The last thing you want to do is use a lot of potions or you won't have any for the boss at the end of the level. I ended up using touch controls than the compass one. However the path finding for touch controls is laughable. The character does a horrible job taking a path. My Mage ran into 3 traps instead of taking the direct path I gave him.

Foes are broken into minions, semi-boss, mini-boss and boss. You will run into minions and semi-bosses a lot, some groups have one semi boss and is much strong than the minions surrounding it. Mini-bosses are few and far, only near the end of the game you run into them to pass the level. Bosses are found at the end of each dungeon and you need potions ready to use to defeat them. They aren't strong however. All foes has a melee attack. (one or two has a ranged attack, along with melee) And once I get my strategy down a little past the mid-point of the game the bosses are super easy.
The horrible downside is a lot of foes has re-skins or a copy and paste.

Equipment is great, you have 9-10? Equipment slots, sadly you can only see the skins of Chest armor, leggings, left hand weapon, right hand weapon. The others you don't even see (This includes helm.) As a Mage, I am shocked to see how many armor were completely useless. A gold texted item (strongest) built for a Mage comes once in a blue moon.
60% for warrior
30% for rogue
10% for Mage
The drop rates were horrible for me, regardless armor didn't play to much of a role, once again, once I got my strategy down. I have only gotten 1 (That's right, ONE) Gold Wand my Mage can use at the end game, I have gotten probably 10 gold items at one level a warrior can use. That's just annoying that the other items has to go to my gold.

Remember that I said I get godly amounts of gold at max Transmuting? I finished the game with 650,000 gold to toss around. The most expensive weapon sold at a merchant goes for 20,000. I laughed at that.
Merchants are almost useless other than the fact they sell potions. The items foes drop for you are way better than the merchants. Some games have a godly weapon priced at insane amounts of money only sold at this merchant. Not the case here, gold is almost useless sadly.
Recycled enemy skills is very disappointing, the only time a foe I killed needed a strategy was 1 boss. (I had to destroy the crystals to remove his Shield.)

How is it getting an 8?! Well, the list above is everything it has gotten wrong. I said, EVERYTHING. What's not on the list is what I has gotten right! Graphics are good, gameplay is fun, need I say more?

I played again as a Warrior and my god I picked the wrong character. The Warrior makes the Mage a total wuss! He can eat damage like eating breakfast, damages insanely good without the use of spamming energy and can charge into 6-7 foes and kill them no problem! What puzzles me the most is most of the mechanics SHOULD have been used for the Mage. A warrior can knock back foes and attack everything around him with one attack... What the hell... Couldn't fire or air have some function other than damage, like the warriors spin attack?! I'm pretty sure a fire blast could at least knock back a foe...

I'm lowering the score to 7.0, I basically played the game on hard with the Mage. I never had to spam the potion button on the warrior, NEVER. Which puzzles me why the Mage couldn't be stronger? Remember when I said I can blast foes with 1 hit? I can also blast 6 foes with 1 hit on the Warrior. Anyways, once you played it twice, your done. Simple as that.

Quote from Dungeon Hunter ad with my response
- Discover the enormous world of Gothicus and achieve different types of quests and missions: explore, kill, protect, find special items… 5 faeries, each with their own personality, will help you, providing protection, powers and advice.
The world is semi-big, but I wouldn't express enormous. The quests are lame but give good experience. Faeries are almost useless in battle, unless your a Mage.

- Create your own character: choose his class from Rogue (to act stealthily), Knight (to use the blade as your favorite weapon) or Mage (to perform the most powerful magic).
"to perform the most powerful magic."
Riiiiiiight, tell that to the warrior as he can kill in his sleep.

- Evolve and progress along your adventure. Gain experience points by killing enemies or succeeding in certain quests, and choose how to distribute them according to the skills you want to favor.
I-I don't know what to say, that's pretty straight forward. Nothing more or less...

- Tons of items, weapons and armors to find or buy from the merchant. They will change the look and abilities of your character.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, merchant... Oh, wait? Your not joking? Buy from merchant? What game you make? It's not this one.
"Change abilities" Not really change but increase damage.

- A great gameplay experience (hack 'n' slash) for real-time fights, providing a heavy dose of fun for everybody.
"A great gameplay" It's good, other than a couple bugs and control issues and repetitive enemies it can get the loot farmer out you.

Play this unique action RPG for hours! Defeat the forces of evil, by magic and by sword, and finally face your destiny.
"finally face your destiny." With barely hitting 20 hours it's worth $7, better than most fodder games out there.

Kill 20 hours with 7 dollars. Good trade.