The RPG that the iPhone needed.

User Rating: 9 | Dungeon Hunter IOS
This was the RPG the iPhone was needing. The game of the type that i've played on the platform. The story was well made, good to follow, but not the best of all.
Good gameplay, easy - learning inventory, good ammount of skills, weapons, and armor types.
The movement is good, not a problem at all. Stricking is also easy, but the only problem is to change skills. It's hard to during a battle, change your spells quickly, because you have to scroll, and mostly you put on the wrong spell or use two times the same.
You'll get used to the inventory quiclky. It's easy, sections well separate and it's not a tiny button.
Many skills for you to use, and choose, different for any kind of character. Skills from level 1 to 20, you choose the ones you'll best appreciate.
The leveling doesn't take long, ot's exactly right how it should be. Doesn't takes too long and not too short also.
Many weapons wait for you, gold, purple, blue or normal ones. With variable additionals for you character.
If you like RPG, you'll love it.