Dungeon Hunter 2 Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Item Duplication

    Note: you must have 2 characters on different iPhone/iTouch. Also make sure Bluetooth is enabled on both devices. (Will not work with the "Local Wireless" game connectivity). In these instructions, I have designated one iPhone to be "iPhone 1" and the other "iPhone 2," to distinguish between the 2 characters during these instructions. 1. On iPhone 1, select a character with many items: weapons/armor/rings. (I recommended a high-level, strong character with no need for the items.) 2. Tap "Start Game" 3. Tap "Multiplayer" 4. Tap "Bluetooth(R)" 5. Tap "Host Game" 6. On iPhone 2, select a character with little or no items or money. 7. Tap "Start Game" 8. Tap "Multiplayer" 9. Tap "Bluetooth(R)" 10. Tap "Join Game" 11. On iPhone 1, Tap "Start Game." 12. During the game, manuever both characters to one of these areas where the glitch is possible: a. At the "Bogwomper Camp," when you break from your cage with Rene and Celeste and get to the camp where you can sell/buy stuff at the vendor. b. In the "Lighthouse" area, this glitch is possible when you finish a level of almost every story in the Lighthouse. When you go through a self-activated portal, stay at the very beginning of the next story. c. In "Alastor's Domain." When you go over the really long "rainbow arch," and there is a chest to the right, the area directly below that chest. 13. When you arrive to any of these locations, open the inventory on iPhone 1. 14. Drop AT LEAST 10 of your un-needed weapons/armor/rings. (EXIT YOUR INVENTORY AFTER YOU'VE DROPPED THE ITEMS) 15. On iPhone 2, move your character only a few inches to pick up all the items. 16. On iPhone 1, you should be able to pick up all the items that you dropped. 17. Now both of your characters have every item. Either character can sell them to gain money fast, or can use them to become stronger. (Note: the items duplicated still follow the "rules of equipping." You must have the required strength, dexterity, or energy to equip.) Congratulations. :)

    Contributed by: Xtici 

  2. Achievements

    Achievements for GameCenter.

    Killed 100 enemies Killing Spree
    Attain Level 10 Level 10
    Attain Level 100 Level 100
    Attain Level 20 Level 20
    Attain Level 30 Level 30
    Attain Level 40 Level 40
    Attain Level 50 Level 50
    Attain Level 60 Level 60
    Attain Level 70 Level 70
    Attain Level 80 Level 80
    Attain Level 90 Level 90
    Killed 500 enemies Massacre
    Killed 2000 enemies Tyrant
    Killed 1000 enemies Warlord

    Contributed by: ExcusemeWTF