piece of junk

User Rating: 6 | Dune 2000 PC
in 2001,i was mad,crazy about this game!i was playing it many hours a day i was so obssesed...now,after 8 years i'm still playing it.
i've never played the original game dune 2-the building of a dinasty which is said to be the mother of all rts games.
i don't know,maybe i'm overating this game but i personally like it ignoring the many flaws that that it has.i've never saw in my life the cinematics of this game because they were removed.it's still an enigma for me!
i don't know why it's called 2000,because it was released 11 years ago,in 1998.
there are 3 houses-atreides:the good ones coloured blue & symbolised by a hawk.
ordos:the so called wise ones,coloured green & symbolised by a snake.
& the harkonnen:the bad guys,coloured red & symbolised by a ram.
there are also neutral or allied houses with some of the 3,races like the fremen which are house atreides best friends.the smugglers are partners of the ordos &/or harkonnen i really don't know exactly this thing.hmmm...harkonnen,this sounds like an finish name.
the atreides are ruled by an emperror.also,every house has some sort of leader called mentat.i really don't know what is it since i never saw the cinematics lol,not my fault.
there are 9 missions at each house.the first 4 or 5 missions at every campaign are easy while the rest are very hard.
lol,in dune2000 you can make upgrades while in other westwood games like red alert 2 or tiberian sun which are more recent & obvious better,you can't.anyway,this upgrades are nothing special-they're simple features to extend the possibilities of training at some buildings.
the graphics are nothing special if we think at starcraft which was released in the same year so every positive thing about this game is somehow nullified.dune 2000 just had the bad luck to arrive at the wrong time!
the music is nothing special either.
the gameplay is simplistic-you just build & train & do those upgrades.that's all.in most of the missions you're objective is to destroy everything.
everything in this game is destroyed very fast.for example,you go with only 2 quadbikes to attack the conyard.after 15 seconds,that building is no more!everything goes very fast in this game,so you have to think fast...that's why i had to restart a lot of times the final missions.i'm kinda slow:(
the only "critters" on planet dune are the worms-gigantic monsters that come out of the sands & swallow your units.to avoid them,you must keep you units on the rock because those worms cannot be destroyed despite the facts that they can be attacked.
my favourite house is atreides,mainly because they're blue & blue is my fav. colour.there are no major differences between the 3 houses.
in this game are mainly terrain units-there are no water units & the air units are few.a great thing about this game is the starport.you order the units that you want & in a couple of seconds they will arrive via an...let's say zeppelin of the future.of course,you have to pay for that order with spice,the resource that you harvest.also,in this game there are no superweapons which now makes the game very,very simplistic-it can be played by everybody & everyone.
it ends up to be a pretty dissapointing game.