My introduction to RTS Genre.

User Rating: 8 | Dune 2000 PC
this game is perhaps my first entry into RTS genre which i never knew about back when it was released i saw its ad in gaming magazine & got it in few days & i was overwhelmed by its gameplay building up your base recruiting units etc it was amazing back then i really enjoyed it the story its settings on a planet called Dune as its title harvesting for spice to take control of it whole.the three factions are pretty similar except for few units which are exclusive to each otherwise they play the same.the cutscenes were good back then its graphics were good when it was released my review of this game is in nostalgic perspective because i have very good memories of it now its totally outdated but for its day & my first RTS game its great.Westwood as unfortunately is no more was in its prime making very good RTS games & it followed with many other good games after Dune